Something to write home about...

We are so fortunate to have talented friends & neighbors that live and
recreate in the valley. Below is information about three of them that have
allowed us to share their incredible images of the Big Hole Valley with you.  
Please take a few minutes to view their work by visiting their websites below.  


Cindy Baldauf has captured a variety of candid and well illustrated moments of life in the Big Hole Valley for many years.  She is a friend and a frequent visitor with a part-time residence in Wisdom, Montana, where she and her husband spend time throughout the year.  Cindy has been published in numerous magazines, and her framed photography and prints are available for purchase at various locations in the Valley. You can view images, purchase prints, or contact Cindy at her website at, or by clicking HERE.  You can also see a wide array of images on her Facebook site by clicking HERE.    


Paula is a resident in the Big Hole Valley and lives near Wise River, Montana.  Paula has a very artistic lens and uses her photography as a canvas for various digital light and image art enhancements.  Paula's work has been published and featured at various galleries.  You can view, purchase, or contact Paula by visiting her website at, or by clicking HERE.  Paula also has an extensive gallery on her Facebook page and can be found HERE.  Paula's framed photography and canvas-work can be found throughout the Big Hole Valley and is available for purchase.  Her books are also availble at various locations.


For over 28 years, Kay and her husband owned the Wisdom River Gallery in Wisdom, Montana, until a fire destroyed the business in 2010. The Jacobsons are in the process of rebuilding and up from the ashes, The Silver Mine will rise and open soon to greet residents and visitors alike. In their new business, Kay will feature her incredible line of Big Hole Valley images as framed artwork, prints, and a complete line of photo cards. You can find more information about The Silver Mine and Kay's images by visiting her website at, or by clicking HERE.  

Running horse photo taken by Cynthia Baldauf. For more information on Cindy Baldauf's photography, click HERE.
Summer hay field photo taken by Paula Krugerud. For more information on Paula's photography, click HERE.